Our Sins Are Cast Into The Depths Of The Sea

It has been forever since I last typed up a blog, but the Lord isn’t letting me rest until I get this one out! God is so good y’all!

When I first turned to the Lord in 2008, I had this dream of a rainbow over a vast sea where I couldn’t see land anywhere in sight. The word forgiveness was clear in my mind upon waking up. God has used this very dream to speak to me on multiple occasions–bringing it more and more into full light of His vast love…and grace that is unending. His grace truly is more vast than the entire sea…greater than all of our sins combined.

Reading the verse above made everything so crystal clear for me.

Why do I keep visiting my former life…my sinful nature? God has already cast my old self–all of my sins–into the depths of the sea!!! He has for you too if you have believed in the name of Jesus Christ!


So why do I keep struggling with my old self so hardcore?

Forgiveness… God has completely forgiven me. And yet…I still wrestle with extending that same forgiveness towards myself. An old way of thinking pops up into my mind and suddenly it’s like…

“Here you go again…”

“I cannot believe you’re even going there. You were literally just reading God’s Word!”

“I cannot believe you feel that way! What is the matter with you?!”

“Why are you not crying right now? You’re so calloused and insensitive.”

It all begins in our mind.

Renewing our mind is a major key to victory.

To imagine extending love and forgiveness towards myself is much more difficult than actually doing just that towards others for me. Then I’m reminded of that saying, “Forgive and forget.”

I will never forget completely the mistakes and bad choices I’ve made, but I can choose to rest in the fact that God has already tossed them into the depths of the sea. It’s time I stop fishing them out and instead yielding to God’s grace. Through His help I’ll be able to extend that forgiveness towards myself and leave that sinful nature in the sea.

Through this imagery I’m also reminded of not only my baptism but my brothers and sisters in Christ who were baptized today.

I am born again through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that now lives within me. Instead of fishing for that old self… it’s time I start being a fisher of men to bring them into an encounter with Jesus! His grace is so vast, brothers and sisters! I cannot even begin to grasp how wide and deep His love is for you and I.

My prayer is that we will boldly run into His arms that are wide open for you and I.


God is Still Writing

My cat, Loki, is hilarious. He enjoys stealing pens off of our dining room table then hits them around with his paw while running all over the place until they get lost under the fridge or oven. Who knows how many he has stolen and hidden.

Then God showed me I do the exact same thing when it comes to my own life. God starts writing that I need to reach out to a certain someone and I steal the pen. Then I cross it out and write someone else’s name, but it ends up at a dead end. Why? Because God knows best! Thankfully, He has an endless supply of pens and can get me back on track when I allow Him to take over writing my story again. Sometimes, I feel like God is taking too long to write a part of my story so I’ll take the pen out of His hand and start writing. Then I realize His timing is perfect after I run into a dead end. More often than not though, I’m just like my cat and simply try to run while hiding all the pens.

Fear takes a hold when I start to realize God’s calling on my life…and I’m like nope! I’m not ready God!! Let me just make it where You can’t write anything. Of course, that always fails. I can’t run from the God of the universe and I certainly can’t hide all the pens.




Most good stories have unexpected twists and turns in the road. Some of these we create ourselves, but other times God writes them in to build up our faith and trust in Him. For example, my family and I are having the most difficult time in starting up our own business. At first, everything seemed to be in the clear. Then unexpected bumps came up in the road and now there are so many uncertainties. However, I think to where I used to be to where I am now…and I cannot help but lean into God. He has always been faithful and I know that whatever is in His will…it will happen. The pen is in His hand after all. When it seems like I’m at a dead end…it only takes a few words written by God to turn it all around in my story.

The same is true for you.

Brothers and sisters, please keep me in your prayers. For the next week I’m going to keep pretty busy and honestly it’s a little overwhelming. It will be easy to say on Wednesday, “Im too exhausted to go to Church.” Im praying and hoping though that I won’t do that. I’m needing more intimate time with God right now. Especially because so much is happening in my life this very moment, and just around the corner. In June, I should be starting up college again!!! Wow! Also, I picked up the pen again a couple days ago for the book God’s been calling me to write titled “Forgiveness”. Prayers on this would be greatly appreciated.

If any of you need prayer, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If not to me, then anyone close to you. I love you all. Do your best to allow God to write your story. He honestly knows what’s best for your life.

Reaching Out

As Christians, one of the most difficult things to do (at least I know it is for me) is to reach out exposing an area you’re struggling in. Pictured above is from my early college years one of the first times I was at rock bottom. I remember that college ministry night like it was yesterday. For some reason I had chosen to sit in the very front row. Which I’m thankful for, because I was so broken that when they called people to the altar to pray…I couldn’t muster the strength to get up. Instead I distinctly remember putting my head down and gently rocking slightly back and forth while whispering over and over, “I need You, Jesus”. God responded in a way I will never forget. Sisters in Christ began to surround me one by one and prayed fervently over me. Taken aback by God’s love through the body of Christ-His Church-I pressed into His presence in that humbling moment. Little did I know we were being filmed so God could gently remind me of this time any time I would forget.

This picture ended up stuffed into a book, not completely forgotten about, but the enemy would soon fester up a bitterness within me towards this Church…

However, that’s not what this blog entry is about at all.

This entry may not take a few minutes to read, but it will be worth it. ❤️

This entry is about struggle. Secrets. Addictions. It is also a cry out for those running…to stop running. The Church is full of people with flaws. You are a piece of that body. You have a purpose.

Do we talk behind the back of brothers and sisters if we catch them in secret sins? No!

Let us instead expose our own secret sins-expose then into the light with one another so that we may be healed…so that we may be changed.

Stop running from flawed brothers and sisters…more importantly stop running from yourself and the mission God has for Your life.

You cannot change what you have already given into…but you can accept that it happened. And you can reach out and expose it so that you can change.

The past couple of weeks I’ve been running. I’ve been like Jonah afraid of the calling God has on my life. Instead of listening to God I tried opening a door that He wouldn’t allow opened. I wanted to reach out to a certain leader at church but He consistently kept closing the door. Discouraged and beaten down I honestly started to give up. My world started to get darker and darker. I had no motivation to help my mom with simple house chores and it just caused me to get irritable and snap easily at anything said to me.

I asked for prayer that a door would be opened and it just never opened…I finally stepped back and asked God where He was leading at a Bible study. I felt a nudge about another person to reach out to–she will be referred to as “Zealous“. At first more discouragement came when it was piped up that I needed prayer-which I desperately did but I knew it was meant in a different context about financial matters. I just responded in question then distraction invaded the room and the prayer thing was forgotten about-so it seemed. The enemy flooded my mind with lies- “You’re all alone.” “None of Your new friends are here.” “You always get left behind.” “It’s just like always.” “You don’t matter.” “Run.” “Just leave this place.” “They won’t even notice if you walk out.” “You’re gonna cry…you don’t want them to think you’re that desperate or weak do you?”

Let me tell you…it took every ounce of my being to stay glued to my seat and not just walk out. Though I was super awkwardly just sitting there, I knew I couldn’t move or I would give into his lies.

Soon, “Zealous” came over and asked me about my financial situation regarding college. I caught her up while in the back of my mind I felt a gentle ushering to reach out to her past the surface stuff. I shoved it to the side listening to the lies of the enemy, “She doesn’t care about your emotional well being or any of that deep stuff.”

Before leaving, the comment was made that she wanted to connect with people but she could only connect with so many-that others would need to connect too. I knew I had to say something and the Holy Spirit gave me the courage to pipe up and ask if I could be within that small circle.

Excitedly, she said yes! And doors began to open suddenly.

The very next day actually.

Work was put on hold for the next day and I suddenly had a ton of free time.

The Holy Spirit reminded me of where God was leading so I reached out. To be honest, I stubbornly reached out to the other person I thought would be better first… well that door stayed closed. So I finally listened to God. I asked “Zealous” if I could come over finally reaching out where God was leading the entire time. Doors were opened wide and she was free.

Thank You, Jesus.

I honestly probably talked her ear off that night. Sorry! I had held everything in for awhile, not letting anyone truly in from this new church. Being hurt so much in the past, it took everything for me to open up to “Zealous“, but I did. I don’t regret it at all.

The reason I’m referring to her as “Zealous” is because of her fiery passion for not only God, her neighborhood, her town, the church, but also for my college town. God’s calling me to go back there and share my testimony for Him to change lives, but I’m like Jonah and keep running. I need some more Fervent passion in my life for what God is calling.

One huge thing for me is prayer.

I’ve asked for prayer so much when struggling and most of the time get a text response of, “I’m praying.” And if in person, “I will pray.”

Well this time the Holy Spirit was evidently present in our conversation. “Zealous” and I ended up praying over one another right then and there. I could sense the presence of God as we prayed for one another. I also couldn’t help but be reminded of that one night in college at church. One thing I remember “Zealous” praying over me is that I would have a renewed fear of the Lord. I’ve been meditating on that a lot since.

Then I read this verse above today. Let it be such an encouragement to you reading this blog. Let us not hide in secrecy, but expose the sins and struggles in our life. Let us be filled with the Holy Spirit following His leading in our life and not our flesh. Let us sing praises over our lives before our breakthroughs declaring God has already won the victory through Jesus Christ! Let us give thanks daily and submit to one another in love.

I read this verse aloud every single day.

Through Jesus Christ we have the victory over any sin, addiction, or struggle. Don’t give it power by keeping it in the dark. Expose it brothers and sisters. Then let us pray for one another. By Jesus, we have the victory!!!

If you have a prayer request in response to this blog, please reach out. I’m personally challenging myself to pray right away if you reach out to me. Willing to call or meet up too. Let us love one another as Christ loves us. ❤️

P.S. Thank you “Zealous” for listening and praying with me. I cannot wait to see what God has planned around the corner.


I want to know You, Lord
Lord, I’ve been told to be ashamed
Lord, I’ve been told I don’t measure up
Lord, I’ve been told I’m not good enough
But You’re here with me

And I reach out and You find me in the dust
You say no amount of untruths can separate us

-Simple Gospel by United Pursuit

The past couple of weeks has been a rocky one for me. Filled with potholes of distraction and untruths at every corner.

Though my last blog was about vulnerability, I tend to run the opposite direction when I feel the waterworks rising up inside me.

Instead of allowing the outpouring of grace to fall from my eyes, I tend to hold it in until only a drop of acid falls from my eyes.

Once that acid escapes I turn into someone I’m not…doing everything I can to stop the hurricane that’s swelling up in the inside.

But what if…what if I just allowed the gates to open? Instead of acid, Grace would be the outpouring. Pure grace. Sweet sweet grace.

Walls of pride and shame would come crashing down and the love and mercy of Christ would reign and outpour.

A few things happened this past weekend.

1. A distraction entered into my life. An easy way for me to avoid the emotions and the road God was leading me down.

2. God reaching out to me through a friend calling me. I may have been running…but He was pursuing.

3. I asked God to speak to me at Church. Instead of looking for His presence I was simply looking for words of comfort.

4. Sweet gentle conviction-a reminder that the only reason we should be coming to church is to press into God’s presence. His presence is simply all that matters. ❤️

5. A shift in focus to looking for His presence and resting in His presence instead of running.

6. His grace swooped in and sweet fellowship and community followed after church. Deep conversations and simple reminders of God’s presence.

After all of this, I was still running. Hard to believe, huh? I had built up so much acid inside that I couldn’t allow too much out around others. The hurricane waterworks came out last night. It was one of those ugly snotty kind. One of those kinds where you’re yelling at God and yet…He’s right there holding you and you’re just too blind with acid to notice.

I turned the radio on and sweet conviction came: “write down the things you’re grateful for…”

Deep breath and my eyes locked onto my grateful journal that hadn’t had an entry since August 2018.

The perfect song came on reminding me of God’s grace in that moment as I pressed into a shift in focus. Gratefulness and rejoicing simply in God and His presence that is always ever so present.

Facing my emotions honestly sucks…

But I personally know if I don’t allow God to start painting gold into the cracks in my life, I simply will not be effective for His kingdom.

Here I am, Lord.

Doing my best to stop running.

Keep me in your prayers, brothers and sisters, to press into God and allow these tears to become full of grace instead of the acid they had become. ❤️

“Rejoice in the Lord always: and again, I say, rejoice!”-Phil. 4:4 KJV

Strength Through God

This season I’ve began is just beginning, and in all honesty it has been terrifying.

The uncertainty of what the future holds is so nerve-wracking…but through it all I know who holds my future-God.

I’ve made many mistakes along the way, but God keeps making a way for me when I see no way.

I stubbornly started to go my own way avoiding my past and especially my past self-but God keeps directing me there. I applied to a community college and even got in, but I never consulted God about it. I wanted to save money, time, gas, and even emotions-but it wasn’t what God had in mind.

He roadblocked me, only opening the road to go back to my past–the college I dropped out of–my only open door.

I feel vulnerable just walking across campus as memories implode and flood in left and right…but something…most likely the Holy Spirit–keeps nudging me with an idea that God has plans to work through me at this college. To share my testimony. To share God’s love. God’s grace.

Stepping back onto this campus isn’t just about me getting a bachelor’s degree in Social Work- Quite frankly, everyone tells me unless I go to Graduate school, a BSW is basically nothing to anyone. This is simply not about a degree. Not anymore. It’s about something so much bigger. It’s about what God has in store. I have absolutely NO idea what He’s planning, but I can tell you I’m having to cling to God more and more just knowing this is all around the corner.

Who knows..maybe I’ll go to graduate school. Wherever God leads me-that’s what matters.

Y’all, depression and suicide used to have an extreme grip on me. Let me tell you though, if the devil is yelling at you to end it all—-God MUST have something in your future that the devil wants to cut short. The devil can’t have you if you’re saved–but he can convince you to cut your life short–don’t let him!!! God is with YOU. You are still here for a reason. Maybe you will save the life of another. Maybe you will inspire the next Mother Teresa. Maybe you will bring thousands to believe in Jesus Christ. But even if all you do is simply love those around you the best you know how–THAT alone can and will make a huge difference in so many lives. You are still breathing. Don’t listen to the lies. YOU, sister and brother, are here for a reason! ❤️❤️❤️

An Unspoken Testimony

*Trigger Warning*

Those that have put their faith in God all have testimonies of His deliverance/love/etc.

However, more often than not we choose to not bring them up.

I know I have done that a lot lately.

The hard truth is that an unspoken testimony cannot help those that are currently hurting and struggling.

The tragedy is people around us are hurting so much that they are choosing to take their own lives.

Just last night a co-worker informed me that a friend of his took her own life while she was on the phone with him…

This blog is dedicated to her even though I never knew her or her story. It’s dedicated to all the hurting/worn out/beaten down people. It’s dedicated to the girl that gets bullied for who she believes she is.

This entry is in no way meant to bring anyone down, but to instead speak hope and life in a hopeless situation.

The last few days before today Satan has been taunting me with my past and highlighting in bold letters every mistake I’ve made along my journey. Today he took it a step further to say “hey, you’re not significant or worthy.” But you know what? Jesus is.

I am a new creation now with Jesus living within me through the Holy Spirit.

As I’ve stumbled backwards into my past I’ve shown a lack of faith in my new identity.

You see, through Jesus I am redeemed.

Giving into the lies of the devil, I have shown dishonor to the One (Jesus) who has already conquered death in my life.

By not speaking up about my testimony and God’s deliverance I have basically been saying I am ashamed of the Gospel.

By no means did I intend to portray that!

Through Jesus I have been redeemed!

One thing I’ve noticed is that my Pastor is not shy to speak of what God has delivered Him from. His testimony has given me hope in my own life.

My hope is that my testimony can breathe hope into your life as well.

Jesus has delivered me personally from:




That last one is the most difficult for me to speak aloud on because it has become such a trigger point for so many. When I was in the middle of the deception, anyone that spoke against it the enemy used to trigger my depression and suicidal tendencies.

It wasn’t until I pressed into Jesus that I could even see the truth of the blindfold I had been given. Only then could I even hear what those around me were saying through a loving tone.

When you are deeply deceived in an identity that you wholeheartedly believe is all your own…if someone tries to come against that even in a seemingly loving way–it’s taken as an explosive dynamite. Everything offended me. Even though I thought dynamites were being thrown at me…once I pressed into Jesus I discovered I had been the ticking dynamite that was about to explode all along.

Through Jesus Christ I was able to dismantle it and see His truth. One day I will have a husband and a family. Satan did everything he could to prevent that direction through deception, but now I know the truth. I am a new creation in Christ.

Do I still struggle?

The enemy throws stuff at me left and right all the time.

That’s when I look to Jesus. As I wait on His promise, He is my Heavenly husband. His love never fails me.

Through Jesus Christ we have hope.

We experience victory.

Don’t let your past get to you.

Remind your past that through Jesus, that’s not you anymore.

It doesn’t matter what ANYONE thinks when you tell them what you have been delivered from.

Whatever brings GOD the glory is what matters most!

Speak life and hope for God into the lives of others.

What you don’t speak up about now could be one reason why another sees their situation as hopeless.

We are not perfect.

We are broken pieces mended with the light of Christ to shine hope for others.

Forgive me for caring more about what the world and church thought about me when it comes to speaking out loud that I have been delivered from homosexuality. Instead I should have cared what Jesus thought.

If you were diagnosed with cancer and told you had a week to live—didn’t tell anyone–then you found out there was no trace of cancer in your body that could only be explained by Jesus…would you speak? Would you share that testimony with another?

Anything Jesus has delivered you from can speak hope and life to another.

Speak up brothers and sisters.

Let the light of Jesus shine through you.

Hurting people are all around us.

It’s time to speak life.

Pray for me brothers and sisters in Christ that I don’t silence my testimony if it will bring God the glory and/or life to another.

I am praying that you too will speak life.

God is good all the time.

Through Jesus, we have the victory over anything we face.

Potholes: Our Shame

Shame is one of the greatest weapons the enemy uses against us. Our own shame keeps us entangled in habitual sin to where we are curled up in a ball hiding from the world all while silently screaming for someone to notice and lift us up.

Our shame causes the potholes in our journey. The deeper your shame-the more destruction it may cause. Avoiding the potholes of shame causes even greater risk of destruction in a possible head-on collision on a two-way road.

Slow down and hit the potholes. Will you feel pain? Most definitely. But God. He’s got you.

“Why, why are you still with me?
Didn’t you see what I’ve done?
In my shame I want to run and hide myself
But it’s here I see the truth
I don’t deserve you

But I need you to love me, and I
I won’t keep my heart from you this time
So I’ll stop this pretending that I can
Somehow deserve what I already have
I need you to love me

-I Need You To Love Me by Barlowgirl

God’s mighty love will heal all the potholes you’ve dug. Steering out of your lane to be artificially filled with an addiction you’ve got entangled in will only cause deeper potholes when you get back in your lane away from oncoming traffic.

If the potholes get too big…you may need to stop in your journey. Don’t drive over that cliff into the pit you’ve created. Press into Jesus and His presence. His victory will get you to the other side. He will lay His cross down so you can safely get to the other side.

His presence is your ultimate salvation from yourself. Take His hand. He has way better plans than your own.

If you find yourself stuck, reach out to your brothers and sisters in Christ all around you. They can help you see Jesus who has been right there with you the whole time.

Praying for anyone reading this! May you begin to grasp just how wide and deep God’s love for you is even in the midst of you pushing Him away. May you allow Him to heal your shame through shining light on it and filling the potholes with His very presence. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Continue to pray for me as well. I keep having nightmares of my past/thoughts that have led to feelings of shame. Personally I’m thankful they are just dreams-but nonetheless I need to press into God for full restoration in these areas.

Love y’all.

In His Presence


Imagine playing basketball at the age you are now with the first hoop pictured above^

Walking right up to it, you can literally drop the basketball into the hoop always ending up with a perfect score.

Imagine playing basketball with the second hoop pictured above^

Even if you toss the ball from right next to it, you could still miss the goal. Back up and toss it like in the picture, you are even more likely to miss.

Upgrade to a professional hoop in a professional court and toss from halfway across the gym–you are even MORE likely to miss.

This illustration goes for any sport. The closer to the goal, the more likely you will make the goal.

It’s the same with being close to God. The more distance you place between you and your relationship with God, the more likely you are to make a mistake or fall into sin. The more you press into God’s presence, the more likely you are to be not only in His will but also less likely to go astray. Think about it….Jesus in His time on Earth PRESSED into His Father God’s presence every chance He got. And guess what? He never sinned.

Now of course, we have all fallen short. We cannot live the perfect life Jesus lived. However, the more we press into God and into His presence, the more likely we are to stay in His will for our lives. We are His children. Just as a parent holds onto his child so they don’t run off into traffic, You’re Heavenly Father upholds you with His righteousness right hand keeping you from going astray.

Our job is simply to press into His presence.

It is God’s job to keep us from wandering just as it’s a parent’s job to keep his own child from wandering off.

May this truth help you to breathe peacefully today. Rest assured God has ahold of you. Press into Him.

He loves you!!!!

Maybe you’ve kept your distance for some time now. Maybe you’ve been busy with this or that. Be still. Just rest in His presence today. His arms are open wide.

Thank you so much to those that have lifted me up in prayer these past few blogs! God is soo good y’all!!

I tend to distance myself when I make a mistake, but that was the enemy causing me to hide just as Adam and Eve hid.

Continue to pray that I will press into God’s presence. Mary knew in the Bible that His presence was most important. Let us both take note of this truth.

I’m still praying for you too!! I pray that you will rest in the Lord sometime today amidst the business of work, family, screaming children, chores, or daily tasks. God’s got you!

Father God,

Thank You so much for Your presence. May we each remember how important spending time at Your feet truly is. May we be reminded of our value through the blood of Jesus Christ in Your eyes. We are broken, but through the blood of Jesus Christ we are valuable as if glued together with gold. We are precious in Your sight. May we remember that Your presence is our prize. May Your glory and testimony shine through our brokenness.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Pursuing God’s Heart

Disclaimer: Trigger Warning.

If this post triggers you in anyway please please reach out to someone.

Most importantly: Stay Alive.

The verse above is INTENSE. I’m a living breathing testimony of how true this verse is. We are constantly told from all around us to, “follow your heart.” That’s honestly the worst advice..

I would be dead by my own hands if I had done just that in totality.

So what do we do?

Turn to God.

During my darkest moments if I had succumbed to my heart, I would have taken my life. I’m just telling you how it was during my darkest moments. No sugar coating. In all honesty the devil still attacks me, but I now know I can press into Jesus.

In my own understanding, I reach mental breakdowns…emotional breakdowns…my heart believes it’s the end. But I KNOW. I KNOW. I cannot lean on the circumstances around me. I must lean on Jesus. Through KNOWING Him. Through a relationship with Him.

Not just knowledge of who He is…

But leaning into His presence I will have victory through Jesus in every situation I face.

Just two days ago the devil was throwing fiery darts at me of my past mistakes. I mean he was full on attacking. Honestly, I think he was angry I had stood up verbally to him the day before (haha). Anyway, I could have followed my heart and gave into falling from his attacks.

Instead…I arose from my seat and chose to spend time with Jesus. My heart wasn’t in the best shape. I didn’t clean and tidy up everything before I approached the throne of Jesus. I chose to just get up and sit at His feet immediately as Mary had in the Bible.

The result?

Probably one of the best moments I’ve had with Jesus in awhile. His love was so overwhelming and His victory in my situation helped me to sleep peacefully.

God is SO GOOD y’all!!!

The moral of this story is…

Don’t go spend time with Jesus to see what you can get out of it: direction on where to go next or what to do next.

Go to Jesus because you just want to know His heart more. Because you just want to truly know your Heavenly Father’s heart.

The rest will come later.

His Holy Spirit reveals to us what we need to know now. Don’t rush His will for your life. Be still. Just rest in Him and in His presence.

Please keep me in your prayers. I’ve noticed that as scars come up in my heart, I’m easily irritable. I apologize if I was irritable to you personally. I’m in the refining process. Pray that I will continue to press into Jesus during this time. And hand Him all the emotions I face.

I’m praying for you too. Press into Jesus and your Heavenly Father. God loves you unconditionally. The only time God is found in a hurry is when He is running towards the prodigal son who is returning to Him to shower Him in His love and mercy. ❤️

Jesus First

This past week has been a mountain climb.

One of my prayers the past few months has been for friendships centered in Christ and little did I know that transitioning churches would lead to the beginning of an answer to this prayer. Sisters in Christ from the Church I was led to leave actually reaching out. I love y’all. We are still family even when I’m not there every week!

A more recent prayer I’ve been praying though is for God to show me my heart.

This weekend God showed me that my priorities have been backwards. I cannot be a true friend or leader if I place friends/people before God.

Even Jesus had to step away from the crowd and spend time with The Father. He even stepped away from His own family and was found at His Fathers house.

If even Jesus needs Father Son time…I definitely need it.

My deepest heart’s desire is to be there for people 24/7, but God revealed to me that I’m NOT God. ONLY God can be there for you 24/7. If I suddenly stop messaging you, it’s not because of anything you said or did…I just need Jesus time and time with Father God. I can no longer sacrifice time with God to try to take His place in your life.

Jesus needs to be first in my life and yours. I cannot save anyone…but my God can through Jesus Christ.

Ahhh my favorite song just came on!

Reckless Love by Cory Asbury..

I can dance with Jesus all day to this song.

If you need a friend today…listen to this song. God’s love for you never fails even when mine does. ❤️